The interface application is free for all customs agents (users and not of the DUTY application) as long as there is a customs clearance program installed.

Through KOMVOS application you can submit:

  1. Export Confirmations.
  2. Import Entries.
  3. Transit Messages of all types (T1, T2, TIR etc)
  4. DEFK (Petroleum, Spirits, Tobacco, Vehicles)
  5. Non-Statistical Import and Export Declarations
  6. Input & Output Brief (borders)
  7. Depositary Repository 8. Demonstration Applications forms

Additional Features:

  • Renewed appearance of the preview of the sites before submitting them with more details for review. In particular, the second page has been added, detailing all the transport elements.
  • List of all European Customs Exit countries by way of transportation they can accept (air-way, etc.). You will find the list in the Tools menu of the main menu.
  • A file with instructions that will include all possible user queries and will be updated by our company on a daily basis.
  • Search engine for declarations in all possible ways
  • Saving of the entrance code to the KOMVOS app. Every user of the application can check the story code so that there is no need of typing it every time he wants to open the Interconnection Hub. The password is only valid for the particular PC is currently used.
  • Ability to submit an XML file for all messages (Exports and Summaries) for users who do not use the DASMOS  app.
  • Improving every prints (SAD, IE507, IE599, Cancellation, etc.)